Food in Cuddalore

Cuddalore is a beautiful city which is known for the nature and magnificent beaches. Many tourists’ places of this town are well known all over the country which lure the tourists. If you are travelling through the southern state of the country then you must tempted by the southern food. Being the part of Tamil Nadu, most of the cuisine in Cuddalore is dominated by the rice.
South Indian Food of CuddaloreBeside the traditional South Indian meals like idli, dosa and sambhar you may also find North Indian food like dal makhani, paneer bhurji and chicken and mutton dishes.  During any occasion a heavy meal which is called “Sappadu” is offered on banana leaf which consists of rice, papad, curd, chutney, spicy vegetable curry, payasma, poori, sambhar, and rasam. There are a number of good hotels and restaurants located in the town of Cuddalore which offer delicious south and north Indian food on a great deal. Some of the best restaurants and hotels in Cuddalore are Tamil Nadu Vegetarian Restaurant, Bismi Chicken Biryani Centre, Ananda Bhavan, Gokul Restaurant, KTR Hotel, Adyar Anand Bhavan, and Gokul Restaurant and so on.

Vegetarian Restaurants in Cuddalore

Are you looking for a vegetarian restaurant to have lunch or dinner in Cuddalore? There are some good vegetarian restaurants in the town where you may find variety of delicious food. You not only have lunch or dinner there, even these restaurants have variety of snacks and chaat items. Some of the best vegetarian restaurants in town are Ananda Bhavan, Adyar Anand Bhavan, Tamil Nadu Vegetarian Restaurant and A2B Veg Restaurant where you may surely find variety of Indian Vegetarian food whether it is North Indian meals, South Indian Vegetarian meal, Jain Food, Gujarati Food or Rajasthani Food. You must visit any of these restaurants while visiting the town.

Non- Vegetarian Restaurant in Cuddalore

If you are travelling through the town of Cuddalore and willing to have some non-vegetarian cuisine in your meal, then the town really offer great options for you. There are some finest restaurants which serve the non-vegetarian and multi cuisines for you. You can even find some international and continental food in some restaurants. Some of the finest restaurants which serve non-vegetarian food are Hotel G R, Bismi Chicken Biryani Centre, Balan Hotel and Abinaya Hotel.

Fast Food Restaurants in Cuddalore

Are you a fast food lover, or you would like to have some pizza, snacks or fast food while you are in Cuddalore, then there are some restaurants which serve snacks, fast food and pizzas such as Vansheen Food, Hotel Anandha Bhavan, Saravan Chinese and Fast Food Centre, Bread Spread Semmandalam and Hotel G R. Thought not too healthy, however, once in a while thse food give us a relief from the boredom of same kind of food.
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