Business and Economy of Cuddalore

Cuddalore is a beautiful tourist spot located in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. This town is known for its natural beauty and beaches and which attract the tourists round the year. This town is well settled in the industrial sector. Cuddalore is the house of fishing industries, port related industries, chemical, pharmacological and energy industries. Working in these industries is the main source of the income of the people of Cuddalore. In Cuddalore, SIPCOT is the main industrial estate and the largest source of income in the town as well as in the Country.

SIPCOT Limited in Cuddalore

Economy of CuddaloreSIPCOT or State Industries Promotion Corporation of Tamil Nadu Limited, which was established by the state government in 1972. SIPCOT is the channel of small, medium and large scale industries in Tami Nadu. It is the house of heavy chemical, pharmacological and energy industries. Thousands of people are connected with the SIPCOT in Cuddalore for their livelihood. It has developed many industrial set ups in the backward areas of the state and provided quantitative as well as qualitative industrialization in the state. The main objectives of SIPCOT is to provide assistance to medium and large scale industries, and develop and maintain industrial complexes, parks and growth centres all over the state. Developing SIPCOT is the biggest industrial achievement of the state of Tamil Nadu as it is not only the income source but it has also developed many industries.  Even though, there are some drawbacks of SIPCOT. As many chemical industries are developing which release toxic gases in the environment and cause pollution and health hazards. State government is taking initiate steps against these hazards.

Cuddalore PortBusiness in Cuddalore

Cuddalore is the coastal town and fishing is the occupation in the town from olden time. Still many people in the town are engaged with fishing industries. Cuddalore Port is also known as Sea Port, it is the place where Paravanar and Gadilam rivers meet. The cargo is loaded and unloaded on ships on this port. Shipping trade was also one of the sources of income in the town. Numerous oil crushing mills are located on this port. The land at this port is rich in minerals. But now the shipping trade has shifted to larger centres. There are some other ports which are under construction in the town such as Thirushopuram port, Silambimangalam port, Parangipettai port and PY-03 Oil Field. All these ports will be helpful in promoting shipping trade.

Beside the fishing industries, port related industries; the state government has planned something more for the development of the town. The National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) and Tamil Nadu Electricity Board (TNEB) has planned to instigate power plants around the town of Cuddalore, which may help in reducing the power problem in the town even it may develop employment opportunities in the town.
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